The Grit & The Glam || Dual Art Exhibit

Opening Reception 11.29.18

3RD ETHOS Gallery is proud to present The Grit & The Glam, a dual art exhibit show by Lexi Bella and Danielle Mastrion. The exhibit features new original artworks from two of New York’s most esteemed street artists.  Longtime friends and colleagues, Lexi and  Danielle met years ago at an art battle. While they have worked together in the past, this is their first joint gallery show.


The Grit & The Glam // The Grit & The Glam is an exploration of juxtapositions and integrations; between urban and natural, decay and revival, abstraction and realism.  The artists translate onto the canvas the grit and glamour of their experiences and of the city that is their canvas. Building off one another’s strengths, Lexi and Danielle navigate layers of meaning within their art and their individual styles that contrast and complement one another.


The Grit // Taking on the “Grit” portion of the exhibition, Danielle Mastrion continues the exploration of her “Relic” series – a 4-year body of work documenting & preserving the disappearing cityscape of NYC. Her “relics” are defunct objects on the street: phone booths, coin parking meters, out of use ATMs, water towers, old storefronts & signs, classic NYC institutions that are no-more. With this series, Danielle juxtaposes the bright, floral elements with broken down layers, much like the layers of NYC.  All over the city we see old vs new; faded vs bright; nature overgrowing abandoned things.  The continuous growth of a city despite the old, abandoned, forgotten parts – these elements of NYC have inspired this body of work.


The Glam // Lexi Bella presents “More Than Meets The Eye”, a series of bold colorful paintings of abstract words in aerosol layers, under the surface of smoothy blended expressions and faces.  These images explore her experience as a woman especially in NYC, and the pressure to wear a fierce mask.  The abstract graff background suggests layers of complexity and emotions that lies just beneath the surface, that is “More Than Meets The Eye”.


  • Special Events Photo Booth by Angielmv Photography
  • Sponsored by The Bronx Brewery and The Coney Island Brewery
  • All Vinyl DJ Set featuring Thomas Hall
PHOTO: Tripl3 C