PoP Up Exhibit || Bushwick Open Studios 2018

09.28.18 – 09.30.18

3rd Ethos Gallery is thrilled to present “MetaDada – Pop Up Exhibit” featuring new artworks by Morgan Winter – Brooklyn based artist and muralist in collaboration with Simaxiom, LLC.  Showing for the first time in Brooklyn for Bushwick Open Studios 2018, this exhibit offers a fantastic experience in the physical and digital realms through augmented and virtual reality.

MetaDada is a series of exercises in technical absurdity. Paintings become portals to metaphysical realities. A crossroads of physical and digital art. Rich in detail, gloopy plasma, delirious particle physics, and glitchy fish.

This altered-reality cognitive feedback playground is a collaborative effort brought to you by electrical impulses in the cerebral cortex of artist Morgan Winter, a carbon-based life form, and Simaxiom LLC, running your current quantum simulation since 2014.


Additional credits:

Augmented reality app hosted by Apeer

Show coordinated and documented by Owley (@ow.ley)