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HIMBAD and the 9th WAVE

Solo Show by HIMBAD

05.24.18 – 6.24.18

3rd Ethos Gallery is thrilled to present “HIMBAD and the 9th Wave” by Himbad– the UK-based street artists’ first solo show in New York, opening to the public on Friday, May 25th.

Opening Reception sponsored by SOTO SAKE will be held on Thursday, May 24th from 6:00PM to 11:00PM at 3RD ETHOS Gallery, 154 Knickerbocker Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237, featuring a series of 28 new artworks showing from May 25th to June 24th, 2018.


HIMBAD and the 9th Wave

Not all waves are the same and not all waves are of water. Underneath the 9th Wave of the 9th Wave is an entrance to the underworld.  Dare to walk this path less trodden?
Not all denizens of the Deep are benevolent!
Polyploid beings results of alchemical crocus experiments haunt your progress.
Whatever you do, don’t disturb the MEOWLS!
Only a fool would go for surely it is certain death to attempt such a journey!!!
BUT… legend has it that there is an ancient purple leaved camellia sinensis tree old as time itself growing high high up in the cloud forests of Hades.
Apparently it’s delicious and has a very unique taste and many medicinal properties!
The Adventures of Himbad continues…



HIMBAD specialises in the sprezzatura  painting method taking inspiration from the now the moment and enjoying the journey each painting brings. discarding any preconceived ideas, preferring to take from the moment. feeding directly from the spring of inspiration.

Featured in the BBC documentary “History of Graffiti”  and connected to many renowned street artists through collaborations and friendships,  it has been said of him:


Himbad is like a Shepard fairey that can actually draw ” -Banksy

“I think Banksy wishes he could be Himbad “-  D*Face


Once artist in residence for Attila the Hun to geomancer for Agrippa.
In the world before man, primal chaos reigned.
The four worlds formed again and again as countless eons passed.

Time and the pure essences of heaven, the moisture of the earth, the powers of the sun and the moon all worked upon a certain rock old as creation. It became magically fertile, elemental forces worked on that egg until it hatched and HIMBAD was born.

It’s a little known fact that at the time of the industrial revolution, HIMBAD pioneered the ‘spray painting’  using pressure generated by a steam engine. In fact the steam paint gun was operational before the steam train but that’s another story. Traces of HIMBAD have been found all over the world from Atlantis  to Zambia.  It’s rumoured HIMBAD was part of the art direction team for Stonehenge… as well as being artist in residence for Attila the Hun. His trail was lost in the 1900’s until he reappeared in London at the turn of this century. His work is infused with archetypal matter strings of mythology and a unique sense of humour.  On a study of his work subtly trains ones eye to see the subliminals which so clutter our visual landscape these days.

Following the success of his sold out 2017 solo show in London, his work has appeared in the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Tate Modern in London.  This year HIMBAD has painted in Ibiza, Berlin, Japan and is currently touring America preparing a new series of works for his first solo exhibition at 3RD ETHOS Gallery in New York that will open May 25, 2018.