“GxBxT” in collaboration with artist Masato Okano

02.15.19 – 03.03.19

Masato Okano’s solo art exhibition, “Violent Art”, a collection of drawings and paintings inspired by punk and metal music opened at 3rd Ethos gallery on February 7th. One of Masato’s most notable pieces showcased in the collection and recently featured in The New Yorker, is a 9 foot painting created for the punk festival “Black Flags over Brooklyn” which confronts issues of fascism within the punk community.

GxBxT united with Masato Okano for an opening on February 15th to form a collaborative exhibition showcasing the original artwork of over twenty five world renowned Japanese style tattoo artists from New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, and London. GxBxT  is an art and music lifestyle brand that embodies the mantra of ‘ganbatte’ – a Japanese expression meaning “Do your best!,” which signifies determination, perseverance, and manifesting universal positive energy. In this show, Masato Okano and the artists of the GxBxT collective collaborate to combine their creative energies into an exclusive and powerful art exhibition.

The Japanese style artists of GxBxT are known for their tattoos and rarely showcase their original pieces which include framed and matted acrylic paintings, ceramic sculptures, ink drawings and prints, tattooed dolls, limited edition GxBxT merchandise including tee shirts and sweatshirts, and other unique collectible items available exclusively at 3rd Ethos Gallery. Artists include Shinji aka Horizakura, master of the ancient art of Tebori, Chris Garver, owner of Five Points NYC who has been featured on Miami Ink, and numerous artists from Invisible NYC, including the founder of the shop Troy Denning, RG who gives traditional Japanese style tattooing a modern twist, Kiku,Jimmy, Rocky Burley, Gerald Feliciano, Jose Chalarca, Kris MagnottiDamien RodriguezHenbo HenningRocky Lee, and Damion Ross.


Other Exhibiting Artists include:

Claudia de SabeDavid Sena, Joe ChattJonah Levin, LangoShark DogRisa NishimoriKanaeKenjiro KitadeJP Rodrigues, Yutaro, Koji Ichimaru, Drew Flores, Scold Kohei, and Ayumi Nojiri.