The Veil: The Void

Art Exhibition by Chris Zidek

05.16.19 – 06.02.19

3RD ETHOS Gallery is proud to present the first NYC solo art exhibition by Chris Zidek, a widely recognized fine artist and muralist specializing in large scale public art and street art murals. Inspired by Sacred Geometry, his signature style of geometric patterns and designs pay homage to past civilizations and reminds us that we all are part of the same universal structure.

Sacred Geometry is a worldview of pattern recognition

“ The geometry is constructed by combining simple geometric forms in a complex manner to form a simple shape or design. The utilization of Sacred Geometry by our ancestors has been dated to pre-recorded history and can be found in nearly, if not all of our “first” civilizations. While my work has veered slightly from “true” sacred geometry, i.e., only building on pre-existing shapes, the underlying principles remain. The work I have been producing is more of a meditation on the inner workings of all things “natural” whether that be the geometry of organic growth, molecular bonds, the approximal omega of particle collisions, harmonics, cymatics, or segments of the potential grande structure of all.
Geometry has the ability to pierce the veil of human reality. Behind that, we have the underlying structure of the universe, which to us, is the void. “ – Chris Zidek