I GIVE 100 FUCKS by Adam K Fujita

More Fucks to Give!

3RD Ethos Gallery is thrilled to present “I GIVE 100 FUCKS“,  By Adam k. Fujita. A show that redefines empathy and advocacy through altruistic values. Featuring 100 unique pieces by Brooklyn based product designer and artist Adam K. Fujita. 100% of the Artist’s proceeds will benefit 100 individual charities of different causes.  All generated through a communal love and passion for art.

What do you give a fuck about? The Arts? Education? The Environment? Women’s Advocacy? With the help of everyone, we have raised over $3,000 for organizations like the Holy Apostle Soup Kitchen and Planned Parenthood.  But there are still more fucks to give!

See the list of 100 donee’s to donate to your preferred cause by purchasing an original artwork by Adam Fu.

Each piece is priced at $150 to support local and global non profit initiatives and programs.