11.15.18 – 11.18.18

Opening Reception
11.15.18 || 7pm – 11pm

“I don’t think outside the box, I think of what I can do with the box”

Join us for the opening reception of a conceptual pop up art show titled “OUTSIDE THE BOX” featuring a fantastic collection of works by an eclectic mix of street, contemporary, tattoo and culinary artists.

We’ve challenged 23 different artists to think “Outside the Box” by creatively transforming a luxury brand item into a unique, one of a kind, to be coveted art piece.

This showcase brings together a multi-faceted talented group to the creative space exhibiting their unique, creative artistic approach to upcycling designer brand boxes.

Featuring Artworks by AJ LaVilla, Alex Rupert, Antennae, Aram Tattoos, Big Stomper, Bo Braden, Denise Cummings, Inkstigator, JCorp, Kanami Chocolate, Marzipan Physics, Miranda Maxwell, Morgan Winter, Mr.Hydde, Okano Masato, PitchBlack Art, RAD, Savior ELmundo, Sebastian Ferreira, SF Grajales, Skeme, Tsukasa Kanawa, and UncuttArt.


Curated by SF Grajales

Featuring DJ Francis Nishida

Samplings Provided by Brooklyn Coquito and Kanami Chocolate

All Suggested Donations Support the Continuation of 3RD ETHOS Gallery #creativecollectivespace


PoP Up Exhibit || Bushwick Open Studios 2018


3rd Ethos Gallery is thrilled to present “MetaDada – Pop Up Exhibit” featuring new artworks by Morgan Winter – Brooklyn based artist and muralist in collaboration with Simaxiom, LLC.  Showing for the first time in Brooklyn for Bushwick Open Studios 2018, this exhibit offers a fantastic experience in the physical and digital realms through augmented and virtual reality.

MetaDada is a series of exercises in technical absurdity. Paintings become portals to metaphysical realities. A crossroads of physical and digital art. Rich in detail, gloopy plasma, delirious particle physics, and glitchy fish.

This altered-reality cognitive feedback playground is a collaborative effort brought to you by electrical impulses in the cerebral cortex of artist Morgan Winter, a carbon-based life form, and Simaxiom LLC, running your current quantum simulation since 2014.


Additional credits:

Augmented reality app hosted by Apeer

Show coordinated and documented by Owley (@ow.ley)