Here for Now 2018

REVIVAL ATTEMPT NO.1 by Artist Rocko Rupert

11.01.18 – 11.21.18

With “Revival Attempt #1”, Rupert attempts to reignite intrigue and curiosity in the timeless traditions of still-life painting and portraiture. Through the use of dark and absurd symbolism, he repackages a style commonly associated with old wealth and brings it into the vibrant realm of street art and illustration. This notion is reinforced by his “analogue” approach of combining digitally manipulated compositions with spray paint, stencil, airbrush and grisaille painting.

This time of year around Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) It is Mexican tradition to prepare ofrendas, offering up old photographs, food and flowers which are ever present in Rupert’s work, to invite back into the world the spirits of the dead. This show in a sense does the same. The old motifs and macabre symbolism accompanied by a dose of color and humor, with a modern creative approach, breath new life into the past. It is important to embrace old tradition and pay tribute to the dead but also to keep a light heart while doing so, because as the Latin saying goes … “Memento Mori” (Remember that you have to die)

Rupert lives and works in Brooklyn. This is his second solo exhibition and first exhibition in the United States.


PoP Up Exhibit || Bushwick Open Studios 2018

3rd Ethos Gallery is thrilled to present “MetaDada – Pop Up Exhibit” featuring new artworks by Morgan Winter – Brooklyn based artist and muralist in collaboration with Simaxiom, LLC. Showing for the first time in Brooklyn for Bushwick Open Studios 2018, this exhibit offers a fantastic experience in the physical and digital realms through augmented and virtual reality.



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